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We’re not only in the business of making great games, we’re investing in the people that build them.

What We Are About


Whether it is internally in Fluffy Dog or in the digital worlds that we create, we aim to build inclusive, supportive and diverse communities.


We pride ourselves in delivering quality results through unwavering professionalism and excellence.


Why else are we in this industry if we aren't putting our best creative ideas into the worlds we are creating?


As a proud small studio, all of our team members wear multiple hats and aren't afraid to get our hands dirty to get things done.

Fluffy Dog Studios-0136.jpg

Our Offices

Our Studios in Vancouver and 

Los Angeles

Originally based in Vancouver, BC, and with a second "office" now based in Los Angeles, California, Fluffy Dog Studio is now a fully remote work environment with team members living all over the world.


Join Our Team

Do you have a passion for making games, building worlds, and bringing smiles to people's faces? Are you looking for a fun-loving, creative environment to showcase your skills and talents? Then apply to join our team - we'd love to have you!

Meet Our Management

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